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A Commitment To Quality, Sustainability & Equality
From Bean to Bar To Mug
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Our Sourcing Reflects Four Values:

  • Ceremonial Quality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ecological Awareness
  • Transparency

The Bean

Road to the Finca

Single-origin cacao from one family farm in Guatemala

Guatemala has a rich history connected to cacao, and the farm is located on the western coast of Guatemala, an area known as 'Costa Sur', which was historically the country’s center of cacao production and genetic research.

We pay a premium price for a premium product. Our long-term relationship offers us consistently high-quality cacao, and the farm access to a stable and high value market so the farmers can earn a living wage. The farm is trained in high quality cacao bean production, from varietal selection to the fermentation & sun-drying process, keeping more value-added at the source and ensuring professional standards in growing & processing.

Our Cacao is Naturally Grown, with no chemical additives.

The farm practices agroforestry, designed for water conservation & multi-crop propagation. They are in transition to fully certified organic, so all practices are designed to ensure that transition.


The Farm has it's own cacao seedling nursery on-site. They select and propagate premium varietals, continually refining stock that is adapted to the local bio-region and producing the quality beans needed for ceremonial cacao. The nursery gives the farm increased self-sufficiency and control over the cacao produced.


Fermenting cacao beans is an essential step in the alchemical transformation of the raw cacao bean into ceremonial quality cacao. Fermentation is a lost art in much of the cacao world, and the modern revival blends this art with the best of science, to produce consistent protocols for optimizing each batch of cacao.
Fermentation requires a nuanced monitoring of natural sugar & moisture content, weather & heat and rotation protocols. Each batch is slightly different, so this vital step requires professional over-sight to do properly. The fermentation happens at the farm and through the protocol developed, they achieve a ‘well fermented’ status, based on the FCCI protocol.


After being fermented, the beans follow a sun-drying protocol that continues the alchemical transformation of the cacao. Through a mix of indirect sun in a solar dryer and direct sun in wooden boxes, the moisture content is brought down to a finished level. In this form, the cacao leaves the farm and heads to our chocolate shop.

Beyond Fair Trade

Our model is based on direct relationship so that farmers can be paid a premium price for their product. Instead of relying on global agencies that take their own cut, we ensure prices that are above both fair trade & average commodity market prices.
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The Bar

Craft Made: Bean to Bar

We work closely with bean-to-bar chocolate-makers who have a strong commitment to both premium cacao and supporting the local community by paying living wages. The cacao is brought from the family farm to the chocolate shops where it is precision roasted, ground and packaged. Our classic Ceremonial Cacao Bar is produced in Guatemala, while our Ceremonial Cacao Powder is produced here in the U.S. In this way, a large portion of the value-added income stays within Guatemala so the local communities can benefit.

Relying On Professional Standards & Processes

Consistency is a top priority for us, so we work exclusively with bean-to-bar chocolate-makers who can produce the same results again and again. Using modern equipment and exact processes gives us high quality results that live up to our standards.
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Beyond Cacao

We are a vehicle for positive social & environmental change

Giving Back

On top of ensuring fair wages are paid to everyone along the supply chain, we have committed to donate 1% of gross sales to a non-profit partner. We want our business to continually give back as much as possible, especially to the land and communities we rely on for our ceremonial cacao.
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Alliance For International Reforestation (AIR) Guatemala
Our Non-Profit Partner

We love AIR's work because it blends ecological & social needs into sustainable livelihoods. Their work includes:
  • Farmer Training
  • Mudslide Prevention
  • Education Programs
  • School Scholarships
  • Fuel Efficient Stoves
  • Rural Micro-Business Development
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