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As seasoned explorers in the inner realms and conscientious foodie’s, we found ourselves in the tropics, drinking chocolate around a fire. Effortlessly falling in love with everyone at the gathering, we knew immediately there was something more going on than the chocolate we were used to. We had been introduced to cacao ceremony with the use of high quality cacao.

We felt an instant connection with the plant and have been working with it since, finding it to be a great teacher & facilitator, as well as an integral part of a healthy diet. In working with this medicine more deeply and visiting the communities in Guatemala where the Cacao comes from, we decided that we wanted to share this beautiful plant and its healing properties with people up here in the north. Heartblood Cacao was born as our way of helping spread the cacao love and our passion for all things cacao. 

We are a family business and take pride in providing the highest quality cacao we can find as well as exceptional service. We want people to experience the same magic we do.

Our source

Road to the Cacao Farm
Our sourcing reflects four main goals & values:

  1. Transparency
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Ecological Awareness
  4. High quality bean production

Our cacao all comes from Guatemala, a native cacao-growing region with a rich history connected to cacao. 

Our cacao is sourced through a cooperative that works closely with a mix of small-holder and larger family farms where the cacao is grown. The cooperative offers access to a stable, transparent and high value markets so the farmers can make a living wage and be supported in producing high quality beans. The cooperative trains the smaller associations in the fermentation & sun-drying process, a specialized skill that ensures high quality beans. 

We work closely with a craft chocolatier in Guatemala who has a strong commitment to both premium cacao and supporting the local community by paying living wages. The cacao is brought from the cooperative to the chocolate shop where it is precision roasted, ground and packaged at our partner's facility. In this way, we are supporting more value-added at source so that more of the money stays in Guatemala. 

The cacao is chosen specifically for its premium quality, including its potency and robust flavor profile. Everything about the processing of our cacao is designed to ensure this quality. 

There are no chemicals, including pesticides or fertilizers, used in producing the cacao. 

Much like wine, cacao crops vary season to season, depending on factors such as rainfall and weather conditions. Thus the taste of each batch will reflect the land and conditions in which it was produced. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

~ Moses, Ambe and the 2 cacao babes