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Ceremonial Cacao Drink

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Here’s the recipe we use when we serving the cacao drink at ceremonies. Be sure to read the contraindications before consuming.

The ratio of cacao to water is simply a matter of the consistency you like. If you want it thinner, simply add more water.



Some Considerations:

What to Expect

Many will feel the cacao immediately, and all will get a buzz within 20-30 minutes or so. There is usually a strong focus of energy around the heart and the feeling of expanding. Focus is usually easier. You will have 30-40% more blood flowing to your brain with this Cacao. Your skin will have almost double the oxygenation so touch is different if your intent or heart is involved. This heart connecting also contributes to Cacao being called an aphrodisiac.

One ounce per person is enough for many inner activities and may bring on deep emotional release. It is certainly sufficient for open-heartedness. Deepest effects last 4 to 5 hours, depending on focus of attention. Some prefer taking a full dose as two portions, several hours apart, or just as you begin to taper from the first ounce or so – workable for day-long focus holding. Everyone is different.

Make sure to drink lots of water after!