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Embodying Love

A 3-day Cacao Ceremony Training
Currently Postponed due to COVID19
New Dates will be posted once we have them

Share The Love with the Medicine of Cacao

Have you felt the call of cacao and expanding into your heart?

Are you ready to take your practice to new depths with the magic of cacao?

Join us for this immersive 3 day retreat as we journey with the medicine of cacao. Cacao is a powerful ally in healing work, bringing heart, depth and expansion into any practice. This experiential retreat will introduce participants to this gentle & accessible way of working with plant medicines and expanded consciousness, both for yourself and your clients.

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Limited to 12 Participants
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The last decade has seen an explosion of interest in cacao ceremony and re-learning this ancient practice, but much of it is self-taught and missing key components and experience. This is a unique opportunity to work with teachers that have over 15 years of combined experience working with cacao ceremonially.

We are thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind training to share the embodied love of cacao and how to integrate it into your practice. Join the world-wide revival of this sacred plant and its use in healing work!

In this training, you will:

  • Learn all the practical how to’s of cacao ceremony
  • Deepen your relationship with cacao as a plant medicine
  • Connect more fully with your gifts & purpose
  • Experience the power of cacao with a wide variety of healing modalities
  • Be inspired to bring this medicine into your community

This training includes:

  • Cacao Ceremony Ebook
  • Pre & Post Group Calls & Exercises to enhance the 3-day weekend
  • Cacao Ceremony each day
  • Ecstatic Dance, Nature Connection, Meditations, Group Processes, Journey-Work, Dream-Sharing
  • 1lb of Ceremonial Cacao to take home

This training is for you if:

  • You’re ready to dive more deeply into the world of cacao ceremony
  • You’re inspired to offer cacao to your community
  • You are called to embody love more fully and share that with the world

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~ All Inclusive ~
Limited to 12 Participants
Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Alexa Iya Soro
Alexa Iya Soro serves the community as a Holistic Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach with a specialty CAGS in Expressive Arts and Eco-therapy. Her passion and life’s purpose is to catalyze psycho-spiritual evolution; helping people find their heart-song and discover their unique path to wholeness. Living Loving Being promotes coming back to wholeness through plant allyship, creative expression, daily ritual, and community connection practices. 
Moses Draper
Moses is the co-founder of Heartblood Cacao and has been working with cacao and leading ceremonies for over a decade. He has been training others to use this medicine for over 3 years and brings a wealth of experience in various inner work modalities.  

An Interview with Alexa & Moses

Dates: Currently Postponed due to COVID19

Start: 1pm, Friday
End: 5pm, Sunday
This will be 3 full days of programming

Leyden, MA

All registrations are for a shared room, although there is a possibility some people will be able to have their own room.

Freshly prepared meals with local and organic ingredients, 95 acres of wooded and pastoral beauty, and a facility built with green in mind!


Working with Moses

"Moses is an exceptional facilitator for inner work. He holds a loving, non-judgmental space for every participants' process during the cacao training. My one-on-one conversations with Moses boosted my confidence as a facilitator. I highly recommend the training for anyone interested in working with cacao in group settings."
- Liana Naima

"The gifts of clarity, direction, unity, purpose and an open heart are what I have received through my journey with the spirit of cacao. Much gratitude to you Moses for creating this training, for holding us so gently, for connecting us with others across the world and for sharing this beautiful feminine plant medicine with us".
- Past Participant

"Overall, I am feeling more clear, integrated and comfortable in my body. Thank you, Moses, for holding sacred space and allowing the cacao to work its magic in its own way, and in its own timing. Filled with gratitude"
- Devi, past participant

"This was a truly heart opening experience. The assignments were perfect for exploring Cacao as a subtle but powerful plant medicine and Moses' ability to hold sacred space and integrate the learnings was integral to the transformative effect of this course. I am so grateful to have been a part of this course and I am inspired to continue working with Cacao for myself and in my work as a Life Coach."
- Past Participant

Working With Alexa

"The Living Loving Being program cracked open the shackles of my life in the matrix, of intergenerational patterns I was suffering from. My natural state of love and joy was able to grow. I was unhappy; in relationship with others, in work, and overall in life. Alexa offered me insights and the tools to create a life worth living and loving. At the end of our sessions, my life has completely shifted for the better, I am happy in the present and hopeful of the future. Thank-you!"
- V. M.

"I've attended multiple ceremonies with Alexa where she has both facilitated and assisted in holding space, and she's absolutely wonderful! Her strong yet gentle presence has been so helpful in my healing journey of releasing trauma, healing my past, and in embracing my true power. Her wealth of knowledge on the topics of plant and animal medicine, animism, spirituality, psychology, and more are just astounding! I recommend Alexa and her miraculous services to anyone needing a guide and ally in their wellness journey."

"Since last summer, I have sat with Alexa in ceremonies where she has both facilitated and assisted in holding sacred, loving space. The medicine Alexa brings is so nurturing, encouraging and empowering, allowing the space for me to weave through and dismantle traumas throughout my life with such tender loving care. With a beautifully strong connection to the Earth, Alexa carries the wisdom of all our relations, bringing back the remembrance of who we truly are. Thank you sister, thank you, thank you.”

"I’ve sat with Alexa in both Cacao and Kambo ceremonies. She holds a deeply safe and nurturing space without interfering with my own process, but has ability to be there if needed. As a counselor, Alexa empowers me to trust my own intuition and inner guidance while respecting the boundaries of my internal unfolding process."

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~ All Inclusive ~
Limited to 12 Participants
Cancellation & Refund Policy

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