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Cacao Ceremony Consulting

$ 60.00

Cacao Ceremony Consulting - Heartblood Cacao

$ 60.00

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$50/hour. You'll get a follow up email to schedule the session after you check-out. 

We offer private consulting & apprenticeships for those looking to dive more deeply into the world of cacao and its uses in healing and growth. Perhaps you’d simply like to learn more about cacao, its health benefits and various uses. Perhaps you’re drawn more deeply into the medicine of cacao and want a supportive container to explore it further. It can also be a training for those considering facilitating ceremonies for others.

The format varies depending on the individual. For some, a single session is fine. For others, a weekly/bi-weekly session over several months is required to adequately explore the terrain and learn about facilitating for others. These sessions can be a gateway to deeper inner work for those who are ready to go there. 

For those looking for a more in-depth apprenticeship, we will decide on a format for both the sessions and your private use of cacao. Usually a 1-3 month time frame is a good starting point.

Those who live regionally and are interested in facilitating ceremony may eventually be invited into a support role at our public ceremonies, to help out and learn more about facilitating with cacao.

Sessions are done via phone or Skype.

All sessions are facilitated by Moses of Heartblood Cacao.