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Pure Cacao Bar (Paste)

$ 25.00

Pure Cacao Bar (Paste) - Heartblood Cacao
Pure Cacao Bar (Paste) - Heartblood Cacao Pure Cacao Bar (Paste) - Heartblood Cacao Pure Cacao Bar (Paste) - Heartblood Cacao Pure Cacao Bar (Paste) - Heartblood Cacao Pure Cacao Bar (Paste) - Heartblood Cacao

$ 25.00

The shop is currently closed as we are out of stock. We will re-open for pre-orders in late June as we expect a delivery in early July. The next batch is sounding promising, freshly harvested and with improved fermentation rates. Check back soon. 

1lb Size

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Pure high quality cacao, nothing added or removed. 

We work closely with an artisanal chocolatier in Guatemala who selects premium quality cacao with robust flavor profiles. We are committed to natural growing practices and fair wages for everyone involved in getting this cacao to you. We source exclusively from Guatemala as the climate and growing conditions produce some of the finest cacao in the world. . 

After being harvested, the cacao beans are fully fermented by professionals who keep track of this vital step in the process. Once the beans have undergone their chemical transformation and the flavor has been fully developed, they are then sun-dried. The chocolatier we work with then precision roasts the beans and removes the husks. The hand-crafted block of cacao we carry is made by grinding the nibs into a fine paste and tempering the final product. 

Our cacao is grown completely naturally, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. We source through cooperatives that pay above international prices for cacao, ensuring that the small-scale farmers and workers all along the production process receive a fair wage. 

Enjoy this unique, potent and flavor-filled cacao for healthy drinks, cacao ceremonies and fine delicacies!


Check out our recipe's page for ideas, inspiration and how-to's on using our cacao.