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4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack

$ 30.00

4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao
4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao 4 oz Ceremonial Cacao Powder - 4 Pack - Heartblood Cacao

$ 30.00

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Ceremonial Cacao Powder

New 4 ounce format!!

Comes as a pack of 4 tins - 1lb total weight. 

Great for gifts and sharing a sampler with friends & family. 

Our ceremonial cacao powder is pure cacao that has been ground up so you can just scoop & go. 

This isn't your store-bought cocoa powder that has been over-processed and had the cacao butter removed. This is pure ceremonial-grade cacao. Nothing added and nothing removed. Experience the heart-opening, energizing effects for yourself.

Ideal for making your morning energizer drink, a full ceremonial cacao brew or adding to smoothies and other delicious treats.

Our cacao powder is made with the finest quality cacao, processed with care at every step. Our direct relationship to the source allows us to offer consistent quality at an affordable price.

Enjoy this unique, potent and flavor-filled cacao for healthy drinks, cacao ceremonies, and fine delicacies.

Our cacao is heavy metal safe - we test at the source to ensure. 

Flavor Notes: Nuts, Raspberry & Earthy Chocolate


Quality you can taste!

We want to Share the Love in everything we do, from how farmers are paid to how we caretake the earth, from the quality of our processing to the consistency of our product. This is why we guarantee what we make and know you’ll love it!

All our cacao is all from Guatemala, whose climate and soils grow some of the best cacao. We source exclusively from one family farm, located in an area with a long history as a prime cacao growing region.

The cacao is grown completely naturally, without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. We pay above international prices for cacao, ensuring that the small-scale farmers and workers all along the production process receive a fair wage.

The farm we work with selects premium varieties to plant and propagate. After the cacao pods are harvested, the cacao beans are fully fermented by professionals trained in this vital, often lacking, step. Once the beans have undergone their transformation, they are sun-dried and sent to our chocolate shops.

We work closely with artisanal chocolatiers who then precision roast the beans and remove the husks. The hand-crafted block of cacao we carry is made by grinding the nibs into a fine paste and tempering the final product.

Morning Energizer Drink
~ A Daily Dose of Energy, Chock Full of Nutrients

Ceremonial Cacao Drink
~ For Full Effect When You Create Space for Deeper Practice

How To Have Your Own Cacao Cermony

Daily Cacao Smoothie
~ A Breakfast On the Go

Check Out our Consume Page for More Fun Ideas
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Customer Reviews

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Love the cacao! I eat it and drink it daily. It's a daily ritual!

Sunrise Hiking with Heartblood Cacao

I have been using Heartblood Cacao on my sunrise hikes for 2 years now. The superior quality of the cacao and the prompt , courteous service make it an easy choice.

Cacao love ❤️

Super great!

Love love love your cacao!

Your cacao is the best I've tasted in the states! Thank you for all you do!


I love Heartblood Cacao! First of all, the quality of this cacao is unlike anything I've ever had before. So rich and pure. I've been drinking it every morning and it's the perfect way to start my day :) I also love how they have the option to buy the cacao in 4 separate containers -- perfect for a small and thoughtful gift. They were super friendly and responsive when I had a question and I've only had lovely experiences with this company. Couldn't recommend more!