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Virtual Cacao Ceremony Preparation

Thanks for choosing to join us for this time of connection & personal work. We’re excited to have you with us on the journey!

This information is to help prepare you for our time together. 

Make sure you save the Zoom information somewhere you can find it! We often get emails just as our ceremonies start looking for the link, and can't always respond. 

Some notes to get you ready:

  1. We start promptly, so please be on time. It's also appreciated when participants stay for the duration to help support the container we create. 
  2. If you need cacao, please order it at least 5 business days before the ceremony so it gets to you in time. 
  3. Prepare the drink before we start our call. The recipe is here. We will drink together on the call, so give yourself 10-15 minutes before the call to get the drink ready. 
  4. Contraindications for cacao are here
  5. If you are new to cacao, we recommend drinking 2/3's of the full dose to begin with, and then the remainder 30-45 minutes later (that will be during our call), if you are feeling up to it. 
  6. Set the space at home. Make sure you are in a comfortable space that feels supportive of being in the ceremony. This might look like setting up an altar, burning some incense, having a room/space that is private, etc. Whatever helps you drop in more deeply to ceremony. 
  7. Have a journal & pen handy, so you can write stuff down as we go. 
  8. Break-out rooms. We often use these during our call, so it's preferable if you have video available for these smaller group sessions. 


There will be time towards the end of our call for Q&A, so if you think of any questions, bring them with you and we'll take time to answer them. 


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