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Summer Shipping

During the warm summer months, there is a possibility that your cacao could melt during shipping. Please read the following to minimize the chance that this will happen with your order. 

We do our best to ensure packages arrive in good condition, however, even with cold-packed options, pure cacao is a sensitive product and in extreme temperatures, we can't guarantee it won't melt. 

Please keep an eye on your tracking information and ensure your package is not left out in the heat, especially in direct sun. 

  1. Our Ceremonial Cacao Bar is less heat sensitive and rarely melts, except during extreme heat waves. For this reason, we do not generally add or recommend the Cold Packed Shipping option. However, if you are in a heatwave (above 90°) or if the package is left out in direct sun, it will eventually melt, so if your mail receptacle is outside in the sun, please keep a close eye on tracking and delivery updates. In these cases, please add the Cold Packed Shipping option. 
  2. Our Ceremonial Cacao Powder is more heat sensitive, and for this reason, if local temperatures are expected to exceed 85°, we HIGHLY recommend adding the Cold Packed Shipping option.  We cannot guarantee the cacao will not melt if temperatures are this high and you do not add the option. 
  3. Melted cacao is still completely usable. We suggest putting it in the fridge for a couple of hours to re-harden, and then taking it out and chopping it up like you normally would. Melting will not effect the quality of the cacao, just it's form. 
  4. If you do not wish to use the Cold Packed Shipping option, please consider either ordering the Ceremonial Cacao Bar, or waiting for a cooler window of time to place your order. We cannot watch local temperatures in all locations, so please monitor yourself and make the decision. 

Please keep an eye on your tracking link and updates, so you can receive the cacao as quickly as possible and not leave it out in the hot sun. 


Be in touch if you have any questions or concerns!