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Shipping Notes



We use USPS Priority Mail as it is the cheapest shipping rate available, and relatively quick. Delivery takes 3-6 days from when you place an order. 

These are flat-rate boxes, which means it's a fixed price for what we can fit into the box. Thus, shipping gets cheaper the more you fit into a box. The amounts we can fit are as follows: 

We do not offer express or over-night shipping. 



We use the same shipping method for international shipping, so the same boxes and amounts apply. Delivery usually takes 7-13 days from when you place an order. This is assuming there are no delays with customs. We are not responsible for customs delays. Shipping times are also more variable with international ordering, so we do not guarantee the times. 

Please note that there may be customs fees associated with your order. We are not responsible for those fees and cannot accept returns based on customs fees being too high. Please check into the fees before ordering.