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Interested in cacao ceremony but want some support? 

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All sessions are facilitated by Moses of Heartblood Cacao.



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"Moses sets a great tone to convey essential information in a heartfelt, grounded way. Very worthwhile to spend an hour with him talking ceremony. Bring your questions and musings - he's a great resource!"

"Thank you for a delightful, informative, calm, info-packed Cacao Ceremony consulting session.  Moses’ ability to present important facts,  ideas and broad information was lovely and non-dogmatic. A cacao ceremony vibe in itself and he was in Vermont, and I was in Minnesota!  Thank you, Heartblood.”

"Moses provided a supportive consultation that kept me in the driver's seat. His approach made it easy for me to ask lots of questions within a condensed period of time until I was completely satisfied. He helped me to understand that the Cacao wants to be shared. This allowed me to get out of my own way and offer this divine plant medicine with a community service-oriented approach. Moses's communication style was effortless".  

"Moses is very knowledgeable and was really helpful with answering questions I had around structuring my own ceremonies. Well worth the cash. Would recommend."