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AIR Guatemala

 "Choosing Hope Since 1993"

AIR Is improving human and environmental health in Guatemala.


 We donate 1% of all sales to AIR Guatemala

At Heartblood Cacao, we're committed to fostering positive change, not only through our relationships with cacao farmers and the impact that our cacao has on hearts & minds, but also through our partnership with this non-profit, AIR Guatemala. We donate 1% of every dollar that comes through our door. It's our way of ensuring that our business remains authentic in our desire to stick to our core mission of creating positive change. 


About AIR's Work

Deforestation increases mudslides and devastates the soil, food security, and water sources in Guatemala. AIR recognizes the best way to help the people in this area is to improve the land where they live. While reforestation is a key way to assist, AIR has also developed a multi-dimensional approach beyond the obvious planting of trees. One of our goals is for projects to be self-sustaining, ensuring continuous growth within each community, long after AIR moves to new areas. We work closely with local farmers and train them in the practice of Regenerative Farming. AIR has been implementing this method for over 10 years—successfully training farmers, increasing food nutrition, improving the soil, and planting millions of native trees. We could not accomplish any of this without our caring donors.