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Cacao Ceremony Connection: Feb 26th

$ 30.00

Cacao Ceremony Connection: Feb 26th
Cacao Ceremony Connection: Feb 26th Cacao Ceremony Connection: Feb 26th Cacao Ceremony Connection: Feb 26th

$ 30.00


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Bi-Monthly Virtual Cacao Ceremony with Guest Teachers

Registration is by donation so that no one is turned away for lack of funds. 

Take the time to slow down and connect with the medicine of cacao & community. Working with cacao, we'll share practices to support your healing, growth & transformation. 

All ceremonies are co-facilitated by Moses, Co-Owner of Heartblood Cacao, along with Guest Teachers


Date: February 26th, 2021

Time: 3PM Eastern Time (Make sure to convert to your time zone)

Duration: 90 minutes

Ben offers an integral approach to spiritual healing and growth. Integrating and incorporating healing and wellness modalities from all corners of the Earth, including Breath, Sound & Movement, his intention is to make healing, growth, and evolution on all levels more attainable for everyone.

Each ceremony will include the following: 

  • Opening Meditation
  • Guided Exercises
  • Guest Facilitators
  • Cacao Ceremony Q&A
  • Take away practice to do at home

Ceremonies are done via Zoom. You'll automatically receive the access details as well as instructions for preparing for the ceremony. 

All ceremonies are recorded and available to participants for viewing for 2 weeks afterward.

Make sure you have Cacao on hand before the ceremony. Allow 4-5 business days for delivery to be sure you have it. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I have been using heartblood cacao for a little over a year and from the easy online checkout and quick response time when I have a question to the online cacao ceremony and the online trainings I have participated in, I feel very held and cared for. Thank you so much for radiating such love in your brand and this medicine.


Monthly Global Cacao Ceremony


I absolutely love your cacao. I savor a cup every weekend and at time during the week. This is my plant medicine. It is so good for me. It boost my mood and I can feel my self love grow while drinking it, feeling the cacao going down my throat... to my heart. Thank you for what you do! And I loved the last Cacao ceromony on line with you! It was great! Love and light to you and your family!

Lovely Business

I was new to cacao when I found Heartblood Cacao online and was delighted to see how educational their website was. I discovered many things about cacao and ways it can be used in ceremony. In fact, I’ve joined a couple of their virtual ceremonies and enjoyed both experiences. They are doing beautiful work with a community of engaged and caring people. It would be fabulous if more businesses operated with such care.

Uplifting, Wondrous, Magical!

I am eternally grateful for these meetings, I feel elevated after every one and am forever changed by the connections I have made here. Thank you for bringing this powerful medicine to the World, Heartblood cacao has truly changed my life and helped me gain confidence in my Purpose. I am grateful to how connected I have been able to become to my true divine self while working with this medicine and these meetings.

Your guided meditations are incredible, powerful, and lead to so much necessary inner work. I look forward to them every month! Thank you for uplifting my spirit with your Divine presence and medicine. May Creator continue to bless your journey!!!!!!