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Summer Solstice: Celebration and Ceremony In Challenging Times

Summer Solstice: Celebration and Ceremony In Challenging Times

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are approaching the Summer Solstice, a time celebrated around the world to mark the longest day of the year. Since the beginning of time, humans have celebrated the sun as a powerful life-giving force. Midsummer especially has been a time to honor the sun; at this time our ancestors felt immensely grateful for abundant growth they’d seen since spring, knowing that their well being and sustenance for the year to come would greatly rely on the growth happening now, hence a celebration.


Today, we find ourselves in the midst of upheaval and incredible change on many levels, and with these changes, it is even more important it is to create meaningful ways to ground into our heart space and reconnect with the truth that dwells there.  The solstice is a powerful time to tune in to the energy of life- if you're able to get outside and listen to the sounds around you, you will hear it, life is in full swing and the force of growth is palpable. There is a ripening happening, the first fruits of summer, the dreams we carried through the winter, baby birds maturing into their adult selves, the list could go on. 

Right now, a lot is upwelling on this planet (and for good reason), and that is an understatement.  With this, comes many challenges that can be painful and confusing, and rightly so as we learn new ways of living that include everyone. During these times, it is also important to find ways to celebrate and honor what is, which at this time of year is the abundance of light and growth that is Summer Solstice. Celebration is a way of calling forth that in our life which we are grateful for so that we remember and appreciate that which sustains us.  We can touch into what inspires us and drives us towards creating more inner connection, interpersonal connection, and overall harmony on the planet. From this grounded place, we can be powerful agents of collective expansion and growth in new and healthy ways.

Cacao is a helpful ally here in so many ways, but especially by helping to facilitate a state of flow, where it's easier to feel into what is real for us right now. The effect of cacao is that of a heart opening and expansion, out of normal ways of thinking and being and therefore a great vehicle at this time to connect with the many aspects of ourselves that are generally pushed aside as well as to tune into wonder and deep gratitude, even our collective grief. A cup of cacao or a cacao ceremony may be the perfect thing for you today.  

So today if you feel inspired here are three ideas for simple ways to celebrate the solstice.

  1. Connect with a loved one in some way and share your gratitude with them. Or extend that gratitude to yourself, what parts of yourself are you feeling grateful for? 

  1. Spend time around a bonfire, or even a candle! Feel whats on fire within you, and what is wanting to be seen and acknowledged. 

  1. This is an outward time in many ways, a time to express, move, and embolden our hearts. How do you like to be creative? Do some art, write a poem, sing, dance, or whatever feels good to you! Your creative expression is a gift to all, even if no other eyes witness it.

Whether you’re spending time solo or with others, we hope you have a wonderful summer solstice, filled with abundant blessings, and may it extend in all directions!