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Cacao Morning Ritual

Cacao Morning Ritual

Starting the day off right! 

I enjoy making my cup of cacao almost as much as I enjoy drinking it. It’s a meditative process chopping the bar, heating the water, adding a pinch of cayenne and dollop of honey and then whisking it all into a delicious frothy drink. The aromas, the appearance of the bar and the time it takes are all part of the ritual.

A morning cacao ritual can help you slow down and take some time to center before beginning your day. With the right kind of attention, the making and consuming of the cacao can be a meditation in itself. Then, once the cacao kicks in, the energy and open heart makes the quiet hours of the morning a beautiful time to be awake.

When I have the space, I’ll take my cacao drink and sit in a beautiful, relaxing spot (maybe in front of an altar or by a scenic window seat) and consume sip by sip, enjoying the warm cacao in my mouth and the intoxicating aromas. Once finished, I’ll meditate quietly for 10-15 minutes, allowing the cacao to enliven my body and senses, bringing focus and an open heart.

From there, bring on the day; if I start this way, whatever happens next is all good!

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